Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Diego Again!!!!!

My Mom, Sister, & I decided to take a little girls trip (well and the 2 littles) to the beach!!!! Soooo nice to get out of the heat again and relax & play!!! The car ride was not fabulous this time for Trey (due to a rough night prior w/ peeing thru his diaper at 3am & a early departure) but Boston was good. As soon as we got here we went down to the bay to play!!!!
With Aunt Shayla
1st steps into the water-had to get used to it again

We dug at the shore and found some of these weird crawdad looking things
Trey all "Hollywood"
Boston trying out the beach chair

1 comment:

Stillman Family said...

I want to squeeze Boston in that last picture!

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