Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Trey you are one lucky boy--for your first Super Bowl you got to witness the Cardinals make it!!! To watch the game we hung out at Mimi's house all day and played! This was also a very special day because during the game your Mimi and Aunties taught you how to clap!!!! Now it is just one very slow clap but you did it over and over again during the game when they would prompt you! (video down at bottom )

Trey supporting the Cardinals!!!!
Are these not the cutest cookies?

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The Smith Family said...

Ok Shannon, this is one of your best postings yet. I was smiling at each picture & the video, well that came out just toooo cute! I have been sad all day because of our lost but we did have a great time spending the day with you guys. Love MiMi

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