Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peach Picking!

We decided to head out to the peach orchard this morning to go peach picking with the kids. This was a hit--Trey picked so many peaches and kept counting them all and putting them in his bag--Boston literally ate his way through the orchard eating about 5 while we were still picking, and Lola just loved being outside and also got to experience her 1st peach:) Mark also got quite into this whole thing as well lol. We picked a grand total of 14 pounds!! Of course there was a festival going on across from the orchard so we went there to grab some lunch and let the kids ride the ponies.

1st up was some homemade peach cobbler--Paula Dean Style--YUMMY!!!!!

Next up is some jam, and then I think we will also try grilling them with dinner this week!!!

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