Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Little Model...

 This was a little fun unexpected adventure that started over a month ago... We randomly saw somebody who told us to send Lola's picture into the production company that was going to be producing Carters new baby line--so I did. 3 weeks probably went by and we never heard anything so I kind of forgot about it-then I got an email saying she had made it past the 1st group that were let go-then I got another email saying she made the cut again and if I could bring her in to try clothes on to see how they fit her--so I did along with 200 other people that day. They were going to pick 5 in her sizing so again I didn't hold my breath lol, but last Friday I got a phone call asking if she was available Monday and Tuesday of this week because they wanted her. The next thing I knew contracts were sent over and the paperwork started lol. Luckily we have awesome parents and they helped out with the boys so I could commit to doing this with Lola. It was a desert themed shoot so it took a good 45 mins to get to and we had to be there at 5:15 in the MORNING both days--needless to say this MOMMY is exhausted!!! Now we wait to see if any of her pictures make it in an ad or online, and I figure out what to do with the agencies that are calling that now that all know she's not signed with anyone lol.
 Watching the sunrise
 Lola eating her breakfast on a break (in her own clothes so we didn't ruin theirs lol)
 This was the back drop on DAY 1
 This is where Lola shot on DAY 1 under that umbrella, but I couldn't get near it with a camera
 Under this tent was where we went to get her outfits and the wardrobe people would decide if it was a yea or a nay

 Luck y for her she never woke up when I transferred her to the car in the morning so slept the whole way there
 This was on Day 2 waiting in the RV for hair and make up lol
 Resting with Mommy on a break
 Where she shot on DAY 2--yes that guy in orange was down there specifically to watch for scorpions and rattle snakes--quite comforting lol NOT!

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