Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!

The Smith clan after church!
We had a WONDERFUL but busy Easter this year! We had both of our families over after church for a huge dinner! It was amazing. Mark & I stayed up cooking and baking til midnight last night then got up and went to the early church service (which all 3 of us are NOT morning people so we will not be doing that again anytime soon) then all of the family came over which is about 20 people--and we were even missing some-LOL
Trey playing with his Easter Basket goodies from GiGi & Poppy

My dad and brothers-they are both way taller than me now!!!

The Loomer side...(were missing my sister & Arie though-they went to Colorado)

Uncles & Aunties

Such Good Looking grandparents-LOL

Everyone eating dinner & Great Aunt Dede & Uncle Joe


Stillman Family said...

Just 2 words for you....mmmmmmmmm..mmmmmmmm....

I think you know what I mean.

OH! and Trey looks so cute too! hee hee

the Miller Family said...

Happy (late) Easter! Yes I'm totally obsessed w/ those books! I'm always looking for new ideas to photoshop. Love it!
Wow! Those are some good lookin' grandparents! What great genes Trey has ; ) No wonder he's so dang cute!!!

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