Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day!

So this year we got to go back to our family's old tradition of having our festive dinner all together since GiGi & Poppy are now back in Phoenix!!! So of course we had corned beef and cabbage-my favorite! (I still have not figured out if Daddy or Uncle Arie actually like it or they just pretend-LOL) Trey you of course had to have your green on for today--You really do have quite the cultural background & and I can't wait for you to learn and experience all the traditions!
*Yes we even let you try the corned beef and you loved it which shocked me--good thing though!


The Smith Family said...

Great job on the scrapblog page... I love it!!! MiMi

The Fraley Family said...

HE is just too cute. That is exciting that your parents moved back!
*Brayden did great on the plane. He slept a lot on the way there. And when he didnt he was just passed around with family. On the way back we had a red-eye so he slept the entire time. I on the other hand had trouble getting comfortable because i held him for 6 hours and couldnt sleep. But its not about me anymore :(.. (haha)

Kimberlyn said...

I did the same thing today, drove around forever. Finally my husband got me there over the phone but I missed everything. It look like a fun time though!

Anonymous said...

so darn cute! have to ask ... how are you doing these cute collage things? adorable! had lots of fun on sat ... still cannot believe we all ate at the same time !

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