Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trey's 2nd Birthday Party!

Today we had Trey's "friend" party. Yes our 2 year old has quite a few friends!!! Of course it was a basketball theme since he is OBSESSED. We had it at Tumbleweed Rec Center and rented tunnels, balls, mats, and of course hoops! Trey and his toddler friends got to run around for 1 hour and then we all went to another room for cake and presents!!! (Pure bliss for me not having it at our house lol) Thank you so much to every single person that took the time to come--it means so much to celebrate with you all!!!!
Trey's Friends

Aunt Sabriya
Right before the party

How cute is Elliana!!!!
Trey & Rylan

My basketball cupcakes--I went a little "Martha"

Little Miss Izzie

I think he liked being sung to
He blew them both out all by himself!




The Fraley Family said...

Great party! Wonderful idea :)

Jessica Stoker said...

So cute, wish we could have been there. Happy birthday Trey!

Kim Abbott said...

Aww it looked so fun! It's kinda funny Chloe is obsessed with footballs right now, such a girl right?!? So bummed we missed it, but Chloe needed to rest up, she ended up taking a 3.5hr nap and mommies sanity started to return ;)

Amy from Lizzy Beth said...

(I'm from Jennas blog) OHHH what a cute theme! LOVE the Cupcakes! And your boys are beautiful!!!!

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