Saturday, June 8, 2013

Audie's Farm Party!

 My little farmers before we headed to the party

 The birthday girl chowing down on GiGi's lap
 Audie & her Momma
Happy Birthday Audie we LOVE you!!!

Trey's VBS Week

Trey had an awesome time at VBS this week!! He made projects, sang songs, played water games, and learned about the Bible! He loved it and is so bummed its over. On the last day it ended with a performance we got to watch and then a carnival. He did so good at his performance--he got on stage and sang with all the movements!

He was on the YELLOW team

Lola enjoying her 1st snowcone--she LOVED it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peach Picking!

We decided to head out to the peach orchard this morning to go peach picking with the kids. This was a hit--Trey picked so many peaches and kept counting them all and putting them in his bag--Boston literally ate his way through the orchard eating about 5 while we were still picking, and Lola just loved being outside and also got to experience her 1st peach:) Mark also got quite into this whole thing as well lol. We picked a grand total of 14 pounds!! Of course there was a festival going on across from the orchard so we went there to grab some lunch and let the kids ride the ponies.

1st up was some homemade peach cobbler--Paula Dean Style--YUMMY!!!!!

Next up is some jam, and then I think we will also try grilling them with dinner this week!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Trey's field trip to Home Depot

 Trey's preschool class went on a field trip to Home Depot this semester, and I was lucky enough that I got to go on it with him so thank you so much Shanel for watching the other 2!! They got a tour of the whole store, and then attended a workshop class, and after they completed their projects had an "Honorary Associate" ceremony lol. It was cute and Trey loved the whole thing!

These were the finished product of what they built!

Seeing where the shipments come in
Don't ask me why but they let the kids open all the sample doors and run in and out of them lol
Getting a lesson on how to cut wood
About to start building--see all those real hammers?!?!?

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