Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today Trey went to his friend Brayden's 2nd birthday party! It was a luau complete with little pina coladas for the kiddos with umbrellas! These were a BIG hit. Then if you know the Fraley family this had a "Fraley" twist! They had a homemade slip n slide going down a hill slathered in Johnson's & Johnson's baby soap--then to top it off they stood at the top of the hill and sent the kids flying!!! Trey Loved it! (Now I am not sure, but I would say the dad's had their fair share of going down too!)
Sarah helping me out with Boston
Trey with Laura (Brayden's mom)
Enjoying his Pina Colada
There are the birthday girl and boy with their strawberry daiquiri's



The Fraley Family said...

Thanks so much for coming! Cute Pictures :)

Anna said...

Okay that slide was definitely for the dads, the kids were just an excuse to make it...

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