Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trey's 4th Birthday

 This is where all his presents were waiting for him when he woke up....
 Of course Boston had to get 1 too:)

 Confetti pancakes for breakfast
This marble toy is a HUGE hit!!!
 Trey's birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we were able to have his party on the same day! For me it was a very low key party, but it wasn't necessarily due to my laziness lol... It was at a bounce place that Trey picked and they were SUPER strict about only allowing cakes to be brought in, and no other desserts/drinks/food. I can not say that I was bummed though lol so we ordered his cool cake and made some super hero capes for the kids and that was it lol!!! He had a blast and it's the place and theme that he picked so all was well for him. So here are the party pictures...

 I ABSOLUTELY loved how his cake turned out courtesy of MOB!!

 I LOVE the way all the super hero capes turned out!!!! (tutorial at the bottom)

 All the kids modeling their capes

 GiGi & Audie:)

 Don't you love our family picture with the machine guns lol?
Thank you so much to all our family & friends who came out to celebrate with us!

CAPE Mini Tutorial...
I wanted this to be the easiest non-time consuming project because at 8 months pregnant I am a tad sluggish and since I had 15 to make I was honestly dreading it--(luckily my mom & grandma helped me & put a fire under my you know what lol) There was NO sewing involved!!! Anyways I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all my supplies
-Red felt by the yard--each cape was a perfect 25 X 25 in. square
-Hot Glue sticks (I didn't have time for fabric glue to dry since I procrastinated lol)
-sheets of black, orange, & yellow felt (4 for a dollar) for the logo which I just eyed to make
-Black yarn

After cutting out the squares for the actual cape we then cut the yarn and placed along one side--then we folded over a 1 in. flap and glued CAREFUL NOT to let your yarn get glue on it because it needs to move to allow the collar of the cape to scrunch when tied. Then I just cut out the pieces for the logo and hot glued those on--and I WAS DONE!!!! Such a fun and easy party favor!!!!

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