Friday, July 29, 2011

Your T-H-R-E-E!

I am still trying to figure out how this happened... Trey you are are 3 years old, and hilarious!!!! You make Daddy and I laugh everyday by the things you say or the faces you make. You have the biggest personality which we LOVE (most of the time lol) I don't mean to sound so cliche but I seriously can not imagine my life without you--the minute they put you on my chest my life seriously changed forever! Anyways I will move on lol --Last night I hung up the special birthday banner so when you woke up it was there and I LOVE how much you LOVE that thing! Your kitchen/grill was all set up for when you woke up and you played with it all morning--then you went to go spend some alone time with MiMi, and boy did she have the set up for you!!! As soon as we turned on her street we could see all the balloons in front of the house and then you noticed there were toys tied to them all!! They led you all the way to the front door where there was then more inside!!! (thank you so much to MiMi for creating such special memories--they mean so much!!!) Then it was back to the house to wait for some deliveries for your birthday party the next day but you did not seem to mind because you had your kitchen to get back to:) Then after Daddy came home we went to Peter Piper for dinner and games with Aunt Shamesha & Uncle Reggie. With a little help from Daddy & Reggie you had 884 tickets by then end of the night lol. I would say you had a fun filled day, but you can NOT wait for your Thomas Birthday tomorrow...
Walking into the room after waking up

Went straight to grilling

Toys Toys Toys

Trey & MiMi
This was the favorite



Rachel Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Trey! We are looking forward to your bday party tomorrow!

Stillman Family said...

I CANNOT believe you are 3! You were so SMALL and sweet when you were brought home from the hospital!....I mean, you are STILL sweet, but man, the time has gone so fast :( We love you Trey, and cannot wait to see how you grow into a Man of God! I hope that you and Boston and Presley and Jaggar are always the best of friends :)

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